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Imagine Durant has created a bold invitation to the 4 Voices of Durant Oklahoma, USA to imagine a vision for the future and develop the strategies to implement it.

Imagine Durant diamond logo


Building on the economic boom of gaming tourism, and their own journeys as integrally informed leaders, the President of First United Bank and the (now) Chief of the Choctaw Nation, invited Integral City to visit Durant in 2013 and make a proposal for a community development process that would grow community-wide support from grassroots participation.

A Formation Team created in 2014, hired a part-time coordinator and commenced a series of presentations to Civil Society groups, collecting survey data that started to paint a picture of Durant’s values. With evidence for expanding support, the Team, framed a partnership with the Chamber of Commerce to provide an office; created a not-for-profit organization; formed a Board of Directors (from the 4 Voices of Durant); and hired an Executive Director – all for lift-off in January 2015.

Demonstrating commitment, collaboration, and leveraging Integral intelligences (also being taught as organizational development in the bank and Choctaw organizations) Imagine Durant is the natural winner of the Meshworkers of the Year Award, 2015.

The practice of Meshworking is usually considered to be an advanced alignment of stakeholders, objectives, goals and activities in service to a superordinate goal.

Meshworking intelligence creates a “meshwork” by weaving together the best of two operating systems — one that self-organizes, and one that replicates hierarchical structures. The resulting meshwork creates and aligns complex responsive structures and systems that flex and flow.

Imagine Durant has systematically documented the process, results and interconnections amongst a series of three Dialogues on the Economy and the Community. Imagine Durant brought together 24 Thought Leaders, 39 Community Members and 24 Policy Makers to learn what was most important to the community. From the contacts made through these representatives of the 4 Voices of the city, it is estimated that Imagine Durant touched thousands of Durant stakeholders – including all of the councilors of City Hall and other governance systems in the County, State and Choctaw Nation; many of the 48 Civil Society organizations; many of the hundreds of highschool and university faculty and students; and all the key businesses of the city (and their customers).

Imagine Durant Harvest Reports for all 3 Dialogues are available on the Imagine Durant website and form an important contribution to Integral City research and development.

The 2015 Dialogues establish a foundation for two subsequent Dialogue series scheduled to be held in 2016 on:

  • Health and the Environment
  • Education and Culture

As Imagine Durant has reached out to the 4 Voices of the city, it is obvious that an enormous value of meshworking is that it embraces both the realms of the subjective inner lives of the 4 Voices and the intersubjective cultures that have a history embedded deeply in both Native American and non-Native American stories.

At the same time Imagine Durant has acted on an “early win” idea from the first Dialogue and spawned a parallel project in a cross-city walking trail – now called Nowa Oka – that has won the support of a grant for planning the trail, from National Parks.

Imagine Durant Roadmaps & Symbols dec 8 2015 - Copy

The commitment to taking the time to Creating Value through defining the purpose, vision and interconnections amongst these stories means that when Durant shifts into the future stage of Realizing Values, it will be able to design with assurance that it has alignment and coherence to the city’s Vision when it invests in tangible structures.

Imagine Durant’s meshworking intelligences are actively contributing to engagement of three levels of government, influencing city change and impacting community connections.  Integral City is proud to award Imagine Durant the Meshworker of the Year Award, 2015.



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On April 17-19, 2015, Imagine Durant along with the Integral City team convened a dialogue where community thought leaders met to exchange and brainstorm possibilities for the future of Durant, Oklahoma. Their special focus was on the Economy and Community of Durant.

Imagine Durant Vision Logo

Those present pulled inspiration from their surroundings at the historical Three Valley Museum, located in downtown Durant. Twenty-four Durant thought leaders and community members from a wide variety of organizations, businesses and industries took time from their family and friends to share their stories, hopes, concerns, and visions for the city of Durant, Oklahoma.

The dialogue began with reflections among participants over an evening meal where they each shared stories of their personal connection with the community. Their affection for the small town atmosphere that has grown tremendously over the past 20 years was evident. One told of how he attended college at Southeastern Oklahoma State University (SE) over 30 years ago and fell in love with the town and the people. “It reminds me of Mayberry”.

Read the full report here.

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At the Integral Theory Conference 2013,  Integral city presented our (award-winning!!) paper and session on City‐Zen‐Tricity:

Learning Lhabitat

Learning Lhabitat

Going beyond merely presenting the paper (see the Abstract below) Integral City Stewards, Marilyn Hamilton and Beth Sanders, with Alia Aurami … facilitated a Learning Lhabitat for participants to learn about the 4 Voices of the City. The following 4 Blogs will share how each voice saw themselves – and how each voice learned about the other voices in the Integral City Quadrants – Cityzen UL); Civic Manager (UR), Civil Society (LL); Business (LR).

After having worked in small groups, the closing circle of 4 City Voices shared that they gained profound insights about the voices that they don’t normally occupy.

Beth Sanders captured the essence of the participant sharings from the Closing Circle with this poem:

Integral City Breath

Overwhelming value
in balance, stepping
in to a sense of city
in community
where the subtle
and not so subtle
colour breathes


with the interior unstuck
voices in dialogue
consciously diverse
explore, appreciatively
the beauty of uniqueness
of an integral city technology
of evolutionary role


Abstract of Paper

Marilyn Hamilton, joined by Beth Sanders,  recorded the story of a global month-long webinar and action research inquiry about a new operating system for the city – a Director’s cut of how a multi-national-gender-generational team unfolded an evolutionary mission using Integral City’s master code: “take care of self, other and place”. We revealed what it takes to operationalize a Kosmocentric vision for a conference: non-local partnership, worldcentric curriculum development and city-centric relationships. Kosmopolitans unveil the collective intelligence that emerged at every stage of the project and that is now emerging local and online Learning habitats. You may order the mp3 recording from the ITC2013 website (and/or access the presentation paper there and in the forthcoming Journal of Integral Theory and Practice – where it will be published.)

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July Greetings, Integral City-zens and Friends of Integral City  

Today’s Integral City Sparkies for City Co-Creators:

Architect Christopher Alexander is experimenting with the “Phenomenon of Life,” co-designing living worlds where building centers, hulls and space are co-created with the stakeholders and future users of the buildings. He and his team are doing this with everyone from poor Mexican workers, to Japanese university students, to groups of house owners in rural and highly urbanized community settings.

Hamilton, M., 2008, Integral City: Evolutionary Intelligences for the Human Hive, p.156

How do we design the city so that I, WE, IT and ITS can co-exist in a vibrant way?


We invite you to help us co-create the Future of the City conference by taking 10 minutes to complete this survey: https://www.jitsulab.com/197/0065/The Future of the City Survey. Thanks for returning it by July 15.

Below some of the questions that provoke, engage, question and cross connect co-creators of the Future of the Human Hive!!! We are building a huge excitement and momentum as we ask them with everyone we encounter – in person, online, internationally, through the Blog, in Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.   Let us know what are your burning questions for how to co-exist in the city on our planet of cities?


What role are cities playing, as 2012 shifts through the longest/shortest days of its year (depending on your location on the planet)?

  • How are cities surviving the turbulence of life everywhere? How do  cities adapt to polarities of shadow and light in constant play?
  • In the shadows, how do cities survive the misery of the Syrian war, the seeming futility of the EU economic tactics, the searing heat in eastern North America or the disappointment of Rio+20?
  • In the light, what are the implications for cities of the discovery of the Higgs-Boson particle (and the promise of deep understanding of dark energy and dark matter)? What does it mean for cities that human lifecycles are extending beyond 100 years?  What are the lessons for cities about the densifying connections emerging from social media that defy all traditional political assumptions in places like Rangoon, Cairo and Montreal?

How does 2012 call forth new paradigms in just about every sphere of knowledge we care to examine?

  • Where is the kiva for the city where new conversations about city wellbeing can engage City-Zens with scientists, artists, designers, practitioners and faith leaders?
  • How can we discover a new paradigm for the city together? How might we co-create new solutions to: the city’s relationship with its eco-region, indigenous peoples and immigrants from the four corners of the globe; the city’s access to and use of energy, water and food; and the maturing of the city’s collective intelligence?

With more than 50% of people living in cities, how are they the seed pods for the human species where intentions, actions, relationships and productive output collide and co-create our collective habitats?

  • What shifts in our thinking are needed to not only track the quantities of all these interactions, but also to notice the quality and complexity of these exchanges?
  • We wonder, if we take the pulse of more than 50% of humanity in city activity, can we track each city’s essential wellbeing? How does each city’s capacity to achieve wellbeing simultaneously become its measure of resilience?
  • How do cities develop new governance to interact sustainably on a planet of cities?

We invite you to become part of the Brain Trust to design an eLaboratory where we can research new capacities for an Integral City. Start by giving us your ideas and suggestions here: https://www.jitsulab.com/197/0065/The Future of the City Survey

 (BTW, If you are interested in volunteering on the team forming to deliver the conference (rewards provided!!) – find out more here: https://www.jitsulab.com/271/0005/Integral%20City%20eLab%20Volunteer%20Application


  1. New Integral City Connections & Resources:


  • Integral City joined the Energetic City 2050 in Antwerp in April.  Check out how Alliander (with Partners and Freedom Lab facilitation) have challenged three teams to discover how individuals can generate their own energy in 2050. http://www.energeticcity2050.nl/#slide=expeditie (in Dutch)



  • Integral City has published Integral Spirituality in the Human Hive –  the “thirteenth” chapter of the book, Integral City: Evolutionary Intelligence for the Human Hive. The new chapter has been published by the German Engineering Journal, Trialog. A pdf is available (with permission) from our Wiki link:   http://www.integralcity.com/wiki.html .  Reference: Hamilton, M. (2012). Integral Spirituality in the Human Hive: A Primer. Trialog, 2010(4), 10-17.


2. 2012 Learning Events:

  1. Dr. Don Beck delivers THE MOMENTOUS LEAP in Dallas-Forth Worth Texas September 6-9, 2012. Join him for Spiral Dynamics in Action:Deciphering the Master Code in the Age of Complexity, Collaboration and Emergence. A Functional, Integral Pathway to a Sustainable Future For details and registration click here: 13th Annual SDi Confab
  2. Join us at the October – December, 2012 for EMBODY INTEGRAL SUSTAINABILITY Conference sponsored by Experience Integral in the Netherlands. We are honoured to be part of an extraordinary international faculty leading change-makers and practitioners in the field of SUSTAINABILITY LEADERSHIP. The three month long intensive program is customized to meet personal and organization needs, blending group learning and individualized support. Find out details here: http://www.experienceintegral.org/cl4s


3. Marilyn Blogs about Integral City Intelligences through the framework of What, So What, Now What . As a prologue to the September 2012 eLaboratory, check out all our eLaboratory Blogs here http://www.integralcitycollective.com . These are the topics we’ve covered:

Ecosphere Intel Vital to Planet of Cities

  • Designing Ecosphere Economies for Planet of Cities
  • Earth Day: Let’s Celebrate Ecosphere Intelligence Arising in Planet’s Fortune100!!

Hello Human Hive: Welcome Emergent World

  • Emergent Designers Seek Energetic City 2050 for Arnhem
  • Emergent Intelligence Frames Whole System Design

Living Intelligence Renews City Value Proposition

  • Principles for Living Intelligently in a Healthy City
  • Living Intelligence – Are You the Center of Aliveness in Your City?

Integral Intelligence Reveals Whole City Vitality

  • Connect City-Eco-Regional Holarchy: Improve Health
  • Integral Intelligence – Psycho-Activates Gaia’s Reflective Organ

Inner Intelligence – The Reflective “I” Power of the Human Hive

  • Cherry Blossom Happiness Factor of City-Centric Inner Intelligence
  • Inner Intelligence is Seedbed of City’s Intuition, Insight, Innovation

…meshful blessings for this season of Co-Creating Futures for the Human Hive … 


Useful Links:

www.integralcity.com ; Vimeo Interviews on the Integral City   What is an Integral City?”Twitter: integralcity ; Integral City Blog  – read new articles, archives and Sense in the City archives

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July Greetings, Integral City-zens and Friends of Integral City  

We are already into the second half of 2010! Happy 4th of July to American readers! This is a quick link summary of what we have been up to in the first half of 2010 and where we will be going in the second half of 2010. (These are also posted on the blog marilyn.integralcity.com .)

  •  We are happy to announce new research and new podcasts that have been posted to the website (see items 1 and 2).
  • Also below are some of the events and places where we will be contributing until the end of 2010 and into 2011.
  • As usual we look forward to seeing you as we seek to catalyze evolutionary intelligences in the Human Hive

Today’s Integral City Sparkie for the City Mind/Heart:

In the history of the city, human systems have too rarely asked, what ought to be the conscious intention of citizens (or even what is the conscious duty of citizens)?

 Hamilton, M., 2008, Integral City: Evolutionary Intelligences for the Human Hive, p.179

  1. New Research on City Values and Integral Vital Signs Monitor – check it out at http://www.integralcity.com/discovery-zone/research.html
  2. New Podcasts – Preface and 12 Chapters of Integral City: Evolutionary Intelligences for the Human Hive – download mp3’s http://integralcity.com/Podcasts/podcasts.html
  3. Integral Theory Conference: Enacting an Integral Future – JF Kennedy University, Pleasant Hill, California http://www.integraltheoryconference.org/default.html
    1. July 29, 2010 830am – 12pm Guest of Bert Parlee on Sexual Boundaries in the Integral Community: A Process Workshop
    2. July 29, 2010 1245-415 Generational Cycles, Saecula & Cities: What do Integral Boomers Gen X,Y, Z Need to Let Go Of & Create Anew? Presenter with Cherie Beck
    3. July 30, 2010 200 – 300pm Meshworking Integral Intelligences for Resilient Environments: Enabling Order and Creativity in the Human Hive.  Presenter
    4. July 30, 2010 – 330 pm Panel Moderator: Spiral Dynamics in Academia: The Transdisciplinary Dance of Dissonance
    5. July 31, 2010 1230 – 1:45pm Ginger Group Collaborative, ACE-Its
    6. July 31, 2010 200 – 300pm Panel Member: Women’s Panel: Creating a Full-Spectrum Ecology for Women’s Development
  4. Next Step Integral Conference: Integral Education and Integral Ecology – Presenter, 12 Intelligences of the Human Hive http://i-edu.org/
  5. The Map, The Mesh and The Human HiveTelecourse, September 2010 – forward inquiries to map@integralcity.com
  6. Royal Roads University, September 13, 2010 – April, 2011 Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Community Development Grad Certificate – Designer, Co-Developer and Faculty for Residency and Distance Learning Courses. http://www.royalroads.ca/program/graduate-certificate-sustainable-community-development
  7. Renaissance2,  Designing a Resilient Civilization Oct. 21-23, Conscious Evolution 24-25 2010. http://www.renaissance2.eu/events/event-detail.php?id=498975449
  8. What if we aren’t planning to survive?  Asks Alberta Association of Canadian Institute of Planners at their annual conference, Lake Louise AB, October 17-19, 2010. Join us.  http://www.aacip.com/public/conferences.html
  9. Business Innovation for Sustainable Growth. Globe Forum Dublin in November 17-18, 2010. Keynote Speaker on Integral City Innovation, Evolution & Resilience http://www.globeforum.com/
  10. Globe Forum, Jury of the Globe Sustainable City awards (in Stockholm in May, 2011). http://www.globeaward.org/


…meshful summer blessings … and see you soon.


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May Greetings, Integral City-zens and Friends of Integral City     Today’s Integral City Sparkie for the City Mind:
A city which can merely feed, clothe and shelter its citizens lacks the intelligence to sustain itself, because the intelligence for sustainability comes from a commitment to learning about self, others and our shared life conditions.  Hamilton, M., 2008, Integral City: Evolutionary Intelligences for the Human Hive, p.175  

The summer of the New Renaissance is upon us. We offer you a sumptuous festival of 9 capacity building opportunities to entice, inspire, mesh and lead you into expanded Integral City capacities of all kinds.  Even as the world contracts, this summer is exactly the right time to reflect, realign, renew and reach outward. Also check out our FALL Preview of the World Forum below. Learning locations range from Teleconference to France, Washington DC to Vancouver, Dallas to Whidbey Island and points in between.  

 Listen to an interview on Integral City & The Agenda for Changing the World in the next 10 years, with Jim Garrison Co-Founder of The World Forum: Integral Life http://integrallife.com/node/43328 (also available at Integral Naked http://in.integralinstitute.org/).   Mark these events on your Agenda (join me at all the ones marked *, where Integral City will be presenting or attending)   *1.   Spiral Dynamics integral Confab May 28-May 31, 2008 join Dr. Don Beck  Spiral  Dynamics integral Level Two  “Cultural Dynamics and Nation-Building and SDi Train-the-Trainer Training”.  Details are available here   http://www.sdiregister.com/SDi-Level2-Confab.php   Dr. Beck will be joined by Elza Maalouf LLD,  Dr. Marilyn Hamilton, Dr. Bruce Gibb and the their team of colleagues from Canada plus livewire sessions. You will learn how Dr. Beck is using large-scale psychology to build nations and how to present the Spiral Dynamics body of knowledge in a user-friendly and sophisticated manner. May 25-27, 2009, Dallas, Texas  Join Dr. Don Beck for SDi Level One. Details are available here http://www.sdiregister.com/   

*2. How Communities Learn to Thrive in Challenging Times

Moving from Concern to Action: Communicating for Change

Date: June 11, 2009 Time: 9:00 am – 4:30 pm (registration opens at 8:45 am)

Location: Surrey Museum, 17710-56A Avenue Surrey BC

Details & Registration: http://www.bchealthycommunities.ca/Content/Our%20Vision/Learning%20Events.asp

This workshop will support you to develop your knowledge, skills, and abilities to effectively influence change through your communications with diverse audiences. Using the framework of Spiral Dynamics integral it helps you understand how you can translate your message/communication so that people can hear it and align your message so that people can act to support it.
This workshop helps to uncover a common, unifying, and integrating approach that can guide us in times of turbulence and promote physical, intellectual, moral, spiritual, and social values and community capacity building that considers the whole person in the whole community.


*3. New Tools for New Times – Spiral Dynamics integral Introduction

June 17, 2009, Canadian Memorial United Church, 1825 West 16th, nr Burrard, Vancouver BC

Donations at the door

Limited Seating: pre-register sdi@integralcity.com

Why do people make such different decisions, given the same information and opportunities?  How do values develop and spread among people?  How can we bring our diverse ways of thinking to create a community that feels good to all of us? 

Spiral Dynamics integral is a model for people who think about complex systems – like neighbourhoods, communities, and organizations.  It is a way of understanding the different values or “world views” that people use to make their decisions.  Using Spiral Dynamics integral, leaders can reduce the tensions in those differences, and create positive change in social and business systems.  

The Spiral Dynamics integral model helps us understand our next steps towards creating a constructive community atmosphere in a changing situation―wherever we are in our work at this moment. It shows us what’s working, what’s blocking progress, and how we can dream for our future.

Learn how communities, associations and professionals from Halifax, First Nations, Winnipeg, Abbotsford, Creative City, New Westminster, the Netherlands, UK and South Africa have used Spiral Dynamics integral for practical solutions.

Presenter: Michael Keller MT, MA, Introduced by Marilyn Hamilton PhD CGA

*4. Renaissance2 Great Shift Partner Gathering

June 22-23, 2009,

Integral City, Master Class, June 24, 2009

Le Chateau Apollinaire, Perpignan, France

Details & Registration: http://www.renaissance2.eu/home/index.html


Join leaders who have had deep experience in creating the next wave of social, business and technological innovation. We invite you to become a part of this exclusive group of social innovators to share your insights and celebrate each other’s success. Between being inspired by the keynote speaker panels, you’ll gain even more taking part in one or more of the working groups centred around four innovation crucibles vital to our future. Your contributions will help catalyze their success and develop your own practical insights and valuable connections.


We now have all the tools and technologies we need to co-catalyze a new Renaissance. At this event we use them to take the next step in accelerating open source innovation

between business people, social entrepreneurs, innovators, cultural and spiritual

leaders, civil society and governments, to address the most challenging issues facing

human civilization today. Work together with the partner organizations and leading

members of Renaissance2, a not-for profit foundation whose mission is to catalyze socially innovative world-centric businesses, on the four innovation crucibles we need to make this dream a reality:


* Renewable Energy         *Resilient Environments

* Enlightened Enterprise  *Integral Governance



5. Summer Leadership Institute


Sunday, July 5 3:00 p.m until Friday, July 10 2:00 p.m., 2009
Shawnigan Lake is an hour’s drive from Victoria, BC


Details and Registration: http://www.summerleadershipinstitute.com/invitation


Week- long leadership inquiry that will provide:

  • Increased resilience and capacity to move into the future
  • A sense of purpose in the chaos
  • Insight that triggers initiative and action
  • Practical strategies for leading in your life
  • An ongoing community of practice
  • Access to resources and leading edge approaches
  • Learning about yourself, others and leading

Faculty: Diana Smith, Michael Keller, Mary Martin, Sandy MacIver

*6. The Map, The Mesh and the Human Hive: 3 Module Telecourse

Telephone Bridge Line to be Advised After Registration

Time:   Noon to 12 noon to 2pm Pacific Daylight Time (GMT+8) for all dates

July 8, 2009   The Map (Integral Capacity)

Aug. 5, 2009   The Mesh (Complex Relationships)

Aug.26, 2009    The Human Hive (Resilient Adaptiveness)


Each session is recorded and three chapters of the Talking Book Integral City: Evolutionary Intelligences for the Human Hive will be downloadable and included in the fee.


Each session includes: Introductions, a Mini-lecture from me, Facilitated Discussion, Q&A, Summary.


Register for the course by emailing marilyn@integralcity.com with Telecourse in the subject line.



7. Integral Education Seminar FROM CRADLE TO KOSMOS

Whidbey Island August 2-7, 2009. Get the details at www.i-edu.org .






Spiral Dynamics integral Level 1 Certification Training

Vancouver, BC, August 14-16, 2009 

Details & Registration: http://www.integralcity.com/reg-forms/Current%20Trainings/current%20trainings.html#sdi trainings


*9. The 16 Ways Level One: Energy Fundamentals

With Dylan Newcomb, August 12-13, 2009 Vancouver, BC

Participants qualify for Student Registration Spiral Dynamics integral, Level 1, Vancouver, BC, August 14-16, 2009

Details & Registration: http://www.dylannewcomb.com/Dylan_Newcomb/16_Ways-Level_1.html


By engaging our whole self – on the levels of body, mind, emotions, and breath –  and moving them from one dynamic into it’s opposite, back and forth,  the natural abundance of energy contained within each polarity opens up and becomes much more available to us.  We start to naturally respond with more ease and joy to the constant changes in our life. The 16 Ways offers a simple and powerful way to access a greater range of experience and expression.


In this two-day level one training, you will:


Learn to access the fundamental energies of The 16 Ways in your body, mind, and emotions


gain an intuitive, practical understanding of your own subtle energy patterns and learn how to work with them


complete the ‘16 Ways Polarity Questionnaire’ which tracks your daily feelings and behaviors and traces them to energies of the The 16 Ways.


practice using the polarities of The 16 Ways to explore and enhance relationship







2009 STATE OF THE WORLD FORUM: Mobilizing to Save Civilization – A Ten Year Plan to Address Climate Change
November 12-14, 2009 in Washington D.C.

Registration and Details: http://www.worldforum.org/2009conference-overview.htm


This Forum will bring attention to the critical issue of climate change and to catalyze a ten year plan to green our economies that the State of the World Forum is convening a three day conference November 12-14, 2009 in Washington D.C. The 2009 Forum will launch a ten year campaign that will meet in a different world city each year.
Our intention is to catalyze a demand for new standards of moral leadership. Our goal is to empower people everywhere, personally and collectively, to create greener and more resilient lifestyles and communities.  In order to realize this plan we are bringing international thought leaders, specialists and activists together to begin work on what a ten year plan to green our economies would actually look like, even as we appeal to our governments to take immediate and decisive action.
We are in a time of enormous transition, when the present is crumbling right from under our feet, but the future is not quite clear enough for us to grasp. What is needed is imagination and a sense of possibility to bridge the gap between present and future.

The State of the World Forum is committed to working with partners worldwide to catalyzing the imagination needed and the collaboration required to both envision and implement the world we must fashion as humanity moves beyond the War on Terror into the next phase of human development. Joining together to make this commitment can generate a veritable renaissance of international solidarity and good will.

Please join us in this global initiative to change the course of history.







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Join us May 12, 2009 for a lively dialogue on Integral City: The City Behind the Story . Details at http://www.integralcity.com/reg-forms/Current%20Trainings/current%20trainings.html

Time: 5:00 pm – 7:30 pm

Location: Clayburn School, 4315 Wright Street, Abbotsford BC

Free Event: Pre-Registration for refreshments please. Call 604-850-3755

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